SEA DIY NETWORK – Report #2 : MAY 26th 2001 ARCHIVE

Hello people,
It’s the second report! This time we had a lot of missives from the Malaysian sector of the scene and even one from Nepal! Thanks to all who have donated their time in sending us the news items. Keep them coming. We now also have a discussion page, read on at the end of this report. If you have anything new to share, from gigs to releases etc. do write to seadiy@<>

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title: De-Gender-Alize
location: Waterloo Street
date: Saturday June 16th 2001
bands: Bloody Rejects / A.M.O.K. / Lead (II) Nitrate / Janicide / Kitsch Bitch / Generic Villain & The Beer Stealers / Virgin Violets / Permanent Head Damage / Jahilia / Kate of Kale!
time: 6pm till 10pm
venue: YMS Arts Centre, 54, Waterloo Street.
ticket: $ 5 Sing at the door, $ 4 Sing presale at Roxy Records & Lavanita.

title: Breaking Ground Tour
location: Alor Star, Kedah
date: Saturday June 2nd 2001
bands: Shizuka, Bloodymary, Ninecities, Enthrone Fall, Stone Angelina, Muck, 4elmskids, Massfiria, Resisto, Uphold, Bighead, Profit Over People & Flossy Distortion.
time: ?
venue: STS Hotel, Transport Building, Jln. Langgar, Alor Star, Kedah.
ticket: RM 15 + free sticker
seadiy note: according to our sources in Malaysia, the Breaking Ground compilation was recorded and released by Malaysian “indie-label” Indieworks, who is reponsible for distributing Victory Records in Malaysia. the die-hard DIY sources said, Indieworks is NOT a part of the Malaysian DIY scene due to the way it conducts its business (expensive big gigs, unfair royalty distribution, etc). To add to the twist, the sources also said that the people involved in the compilation have denounced and no longer work with Indieworks and now doing their own labels. How far that is true is unknown to us. Anyway, anybody who want to protest this posting, do write. maybe the who posted this can write and clear up the matter?

title: Young N Dangerous #7
location: Damansara, outside of Kuala Lumpur
date: Saturday June 3 2001
bands: Kalmshot, GKP, Airtightnoise, Disagree, Spastic Mercy, Lesbian Art, Blown Fuse, Goddaddy & Melaratxxx
time: 1pm till 7pm venue: Colors, Uptown, Damansara
ticket: RM 10

title: The Together Gather Gig
location: Damansara, outside of Kuala Lumpur
date: Saturday June 9 2001 bands: Aghast, Carburetor Dung, Custom Daisy, FastGame, Foreground Division, Mass Separation, Relationship, Spunky Funggy, Bombshell & Shock System
venue: Colors, Uptown, Damansara
ticket: RM 10

title: 3 way split cassette
bands: HETERODOX..old skool hc trash tune, DENIGRATE..dual vocal metalcore, SKATANIXS.. catchy punkrock music from this skatepunk..
pro printed tape with lyrical poster.
price: RM6 ppd (malaysia) or USD 3 (world).
address: Fairoz, no.11, Jalan Enggang Utara, Taman Keramat, 54200 Kuala Lumpur

band: Spunky Funggy style: ? (somebody said power-pop-punk)
inquiries: Wolf at
seadiy note: somebody we asked from Malaysia (had to do this to verify the postings, groan) said that this band had their first album distributed by EMI Malaysia but now has gone DIY and hugely involved in the Food Not Bombs KL. seadiy believes in supporting bands who ARE anti-corporate DIY, no matter what they used to be. We are not going to be prejudiced towards those who have this sort of history but have changed their ways to our cause. The past is the past. Hopefully this info we got is right. Anybody who objects to this particular inclusion or have anything to add, please write.

title: Laguna Street Edged Hardcore
band: Piledriver
location: Laguna, Philippines
style: Laguna street style/wise with tons of groove with brutal, rap to melodic vox approach.
media: 4 song demo cassette
price: $3.00 world postpaid
address: c/o Gilbert Pusag / 2306 Begonia St., Elvinda Village/ 4023 San Pedro, Laguna PHILIPPINES

band: Rai Ko Ris
style: ? (according to the songs on the site, it’s punk rock with a girl singer sung in Nepalese and English!


title: Arise #3 (English and Thai)
location: Bangkok
content: “interviews with BY THE GRACE OF GOD (usa), LACK (denmark), COCUMRAM (thailand), SHUTDON (usa)… as well as a lot of gig reports from Bangkok, a couple international scene reports, about 50 record reviews, etc.”
address: ARISE c/o Chris / 4H, P1, 22/765 Baansuanthon / Srinakarin Rd., Bangkaew, Bang Phli / Samutprakarn, 10540 THAILAND
inquiries: Chris at (in english) (Thai)

title: Level 99 #1 (English and Thai)
location: Chiang Mai address: Atip Yotthamee / 228 Moo 4 Barnluang / Jomthong, Chiang Mai / THAILAND, 50160
inquiries: Atip at


title: Respire
location: Laguna, Philippines
description: “Semi-annual Hardcore zine from the Philippines. Already released 5 issues and the 6th issue will be out soon! With interviews, scene report from around the globe, record and zine reviews, columns and tons of other hardcore stuff!”
inquiries: Howell A. Casacop at
Address: B-3 L-35 Ambrocia Village, 4026 Sta. Rosa, Laguna PHILIPPINES

name: Chaos City Bar
area: 99/4 Radjaphakinai Road, near soi 8, Chiang Mai
statement: “Check out Chaos city–Thailand’s Punk Rock HQ. The scene here in Chiang Mai is growing, we are rallying the masses, working on creating a community of productive people , spreading the message of individualism. March 9th the bar opened, after a lot of hard work. Upstairs the tattoo shop is buzzing away, we are proud to say business is good, but hell, we could use more hardcore kids up here making shit happen!—we have some hip hop and drum and bass on the side for those who like, and of course a good supply of metal and hardcore. Check us out we’ve got bands playing every Friday.”
inquiries: Sophie at


name: Southside Distro / Label
location: Laguna, Philippines
distribution: Distribute CD’s, Cassettes, zines, 7″‘s, LP’s, demos etc… from around the world! releases so far: SS001 – A POSITIVE YOUTH COMPILATION cassette (Re-release from Seven Records from Sweden, originally on 7″ format released by Southside on cassette format to give the kids without a 7″ player to hear this great comp.) / SS002- MOMMY MUSN’T KNOW… cassette compilation (Re-release from DAGGER Tapes. The most brutal bands in the planet in one cassette) / SS003 – DEFIANT “Far From Truth” Cassette EP (our first local release to date! Brutal energetic hardcore from Baguio City!!!
contact: Howell A. Casacop at
address: B-3 L-35 Ambrocia Village, 4026 Sta. Rosa, Laguna PHILIPPINES

subject: just wondering message: “so what’s up with this group? anyone want to share their thoughts?”

seadiy sez: “this group is doesn’t have the ‘discussion feature’, which is a bit lame but this is intentional so that the people subscribed wouldn’t be swamped by thousands of letters daily. there are currently 600 + people in the list and the number is climbing, so it’s better to have a regular newsletter, edited by seadiy crew as always.

anyway, we do need a discussion channel, and one of us found this rather dormant discussion pages which actually shares our name! cool. great minds think alike? heh. anyway, from now on we’ll have our discussion here:

we already have the permission from the owner, so go ahead and share your thoughts.

alrighty then, have a smashing weekend. keep the postings coming!

love, from the seadiy crew