The New Year Raid: “Eight nabbed at concert test positive for dadah” – Malay Mail

“400 nabbed at “black metal” concert” goes the headline on page 4 of today’s Malay Mail, with 3 different stories. The misconception on the nature of the gig is again rearing its head. For the first time ever, the owner of the venue (Paul Millot), has been approached by the media and he expressed doubt at the number of kids detained at the show were all from his space as the venue’s maximum capacity is only 150 persons. With the detained numbering at about 380, it’s obvious that the police did not only grabbed kids in the venue but bloated the numbers by taking in those outside of the venue; the ones I saw having food at the restaurants and stalls nearby as the police was setting up their “road block”.

Paul also insisted that Paul’s Place is jam studio, “not a pub or a disco” and that the gig was “a private New Years Eve party by regulars who jammed at my studio”. There’s a picture of two plain-clothed policemen taking down a big Crystal Lake’s banner.

The other story is a short explanation on “black metal” which is spot-on, including mentions of originating bands (Venom, Merciful Fate, etc.), obviously taken from some internet portal but totally out of context when it comes to the New Years Eve gig at it was featuring hardcore bands and also Singapore’s Force Vomit, which is totally a garage-punk band with 60s twangy guitar influences. So where and how does the “black metal” connection comes from? Black t-shirts? Some “evil-sounding” band names? Force Vomit sounds pretty evil, ha!! Long hair? I think it’s all these and the fact that the subject of Black Metal has been getting the “moral majority” up in arms recently.

The third story is a column with a picture of the Brickfields chief of Police while the story is on the number of the detainees tested positive for drugs. Apparently five of them male and the rest females. So its now confirmed that the number of the ones “kantoi-ed” is not three as reported before but eight. Add in David who’s still in the lock up, and we have 9 persons inside due to the raid. The report also mention of another four detained “believed to be involved in organising the concert”. So that makes it 12 persons in total! That’s quite a number.

and yea, there’a also a sentence in this column that says, “they were mostly attired in black.” Well, my arse is black, does that make me a Black metal desciple too?