Leaving Normal: Kawakami Disclose

imageSome of you may heard that yesterday June 5 2007, news of Disclose frontman Kawakami’s death has spread across the internet.

Kawakami, singer and guitarist of Japan’s dischargy-d-beat mongers DISCLOSE was found dead on his floor of his apartment. Apparently it was a mix of alcohol and sleeping tablets. It is not suspected suicide though. Apparently the combination was just too much for him.


Disclose is a Japanese d-beat band from Kōchi City, heavily influenced by Discharge. Their sound heavily replicates Discharge’s style, with an increased use of fuzz and distortion guitar effects. The subject matter is also similar to Discharge, in that the songs’ themes are primarily about nuclear war, and its horrific consequences. Members & former members include: Kawakami (vocals & lead guitar), Tsukasa (vocals), Fukugawa (bass guitar), Yasuoka (bass guitar), Yousei (bass guitar), Hiro (drums), Fujiwara (drums), Uo-Katou (drums), Aki (drums) & Naoto.


Disclose @ Wikipedia