Hishamuddin Rais in Tokyo: Sushi News 4

September 29, 2007 10:48:59 AM GMT+08:00

TIME 11.22 TOKYO/10.22 KL

Shit, I’ve never wake up so early in my blinking life – what a waste of sleep!

Well, I’ve checked out of International House – headed for somewhere in TOKYO – to visit a BLUE TENT – “blue tent” is something like Kampung Berembang/Tasik Utara – the Japanese version – this is a follow up after a briefing by MUMYa – an NGO which handles homeless people.

The trip should start at 5pm – but the checked out time is at 11.00am – BUT this place is very civil – i just plugged in my laptop on one of the tables and I am CONNECTED – no crap like Streamyx or shit like that fucking Starbucks – this is more civil, but the ONLY bad thingy here is “NO FUCKING SMOKING” – fuck – I could only smoke in my room – or outside compound – shit!

Yesterday KEAN WONG rang me up from Berlin – he must be bored living in GERMAN town – despite the myth of Berlin having a huge counter culture community, I am sure boredom is real.

NOW – bloody HUJAN – dah turun – shit – what the fuck, I’m here in this fucking cold weather – plus i am yet to buy an underwear – I have been looking for that VENDING machine that supposedly sell used school girls underwear – that is my first priority (if you could not smell it then i think belacan would be good enough).

FOOD: I’m still into sushi – and lots or pork – well porky is the only cheap meat here – i lived by my pockets plus i have no arabs as my relatives they are all orang asli who enjoyed their babi hutan. A bowl of mee sup is around 30RM here – real mahal.

MY PROJECT: I’m doing a 2 minutes video presentation on JAP/MALAYSIAN youth – that would be sometimes in NOVEMBER – hopefully i have collected enough materials.

I’ve asked Joe Kidd to relay me some info about the PUNK SCENE in TOKYO – by this weekend i was told by Black that Latiff’s wife would be in Tokyo. Well, she could help me with some jalan – plus i hope she brought along MY KRETEK – satu karton dah abis.

Ok take care – stay happy and stay TUNED!