Dung’s Sheep Farming in Malaysia 7″, Free Download!

Was trawling the bitching woldwideweb just now and stumbled upon this download. Somebody, (I think) based in Germany, put this up on rapidshare. At the time of writing this down I haven’t listened to it yet but the quality of the sound on the actual record was not that great as the tracks were not mastered for vinyl pressing, and the length of the songs were just too long and that compressed the vinyl’s grooves a bit too much.

This 7″ was released by our good friend Ben Hideous back in early 2000. Three songs were taken from The Allure of Manure cassette (1999) and one song from Dari Jemapoh Ke Manchestee soundtracks (1996).

The band at the time featured me on guitar, Fendi on bass, Ollie on drums and Lee on vocals. The one track from Jemapoh had Jijoe on the other guitar while Lee was not singing since he was holidaying in Germany when we recorded it.

Anyway, if you’re interested, go to this link and download it: Sheep Farming in Malaysia on Rapidshare

BTW; The Allure of Manure will soon be rereleased on CD with five extra tracks. It has just been remastered by a friend of ours in Sweden. Now I’m redesigning the sleeves and hopefully we’ll press it next week.