The Emos Fought Back!

Today somebody told me that he doesn’t like cats. Why? “Because they like to smell each other’s arse.”

As if we don’t.

Talk about inter-species hatred and if you’re in the “alam maya” loop, you would not miss this screaming headlines:


This piece of news has been zooming around in cybespace for a few days now and I bet myspace is full of it. Anyway, apparently “emo” kids in Mexico City have been constantly under threats of violence and that culminated with “several hundred people went on an emo-beating rampage” in the town of Querétaro, north of the city!

Well, I’ve heard of anti-emo heckling but this is wayyy out of line! Go and read it here: Anti-Emo Riots!

oh, there’s this comment on the page, it’s priceless:

“thats what you get for destroying rock and roll. you assholes.”

oh, the irony!

and this:

“Kids playing dress up..And thinking its important. LABELS ARE FOR FOOD.”