When it comes to Thailand’s hardcore-punk or similarly-inclined bands, there’s only LOW FAT who have been rocking my boat for these past few years. Are there any other hardcore-punk bands up there in Thailand? Am not sure.

The other question is whether LOW FAT a proper Thai band or not; since the mainman Sano and most of the members past and present are/were Japanese living in Thailand. But that’s more about borders and geography really. What’s important LOW FAT rock my socks off every time.

The band are based in Bangkok and so far I’ve managed to grab hold of their debut demo CD-R and also the CD-R version of the debut CD “Fresh Wasabis for Rotting Sushis”. This split-CD was immediately bought at the recent Germ Attak show at Noisy; its colourful cover sparkling like diamonds in a sea of monochrome d-beat/crust products.

CARCASS GRINDER, on the other hand is from Nagasaki, they have been around since the early 90s and features DAMAGE DIGITAL’s amazing, amazing drummer Justice. Unlike the more modern and multi-faceted wackiness of DD, CARCASS GRINDER is more of a straight-up Jap-grindcore with its guitars and tunage toned down to the old school sound. I find them nothing special though, so my constant spin of this CD repeats the first four tracks, all of which LOW FAT.

So how would you describe LOW FAT anyway? Intense, wacky and irreverent mix of all the good stuff from currently more popular hardcore-punk sub-genres without attaching itself to any one of them. It’s a mash-up that works, mainly because they have great, galloping short songs with interesting and unpredictable breaks, while Sano’s jeering vocals cuts through the dense riffage like rusty hot knife on butter. Four tracks in less than 6 minutes. Short, sharp and awesome!

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Low Fat – Boys Be Ambitious

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆