WARTILLERY – Your War Sucks Without Artillery Demo CD-R

Your War Sucks Without Artillery Demo CD-R

Missed the band playing last night at Noisy but I bought the demo. There are 4 songs here, wrapped in a simple black/white photostated sleeve. People say they are good and hark back to the mid-80s thrash metal fever. And I was wondering how would a metal band in Brunei practice its craft?

Well, that question is not answered here but i must say these guys can play, and if you’re into the current thrash metal revival fever, WARTILLERY should be in that must check out basket for it is a good band in the tradition of the original Bay Area explosion.

The onus here seems to be a return to the sound of early TESTAMENT, FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE and all the now legendary big names I would not need to mention here. That said, this is more of a mid-tempo dampened bar-riff attack, with minimal revisits to the relentless speed famously attached to the genre.

Thing is I have a problem with the whole thrash metal revival thing, be it with current darlings MUNICIPAL WASTE or whoever being raved by the metal press. They just don’t have the songs.

I mean, they can play, they can thrash and go into that Henneman/Kerry overdrive but there this lack of songwriting ability which would be on par with what happened in the mid-80s. Thus most of the time it became quite a generic re-threading, a play-by-numbers kinda activity which pales in comparison to the real stuff.

WARTILLERY falls into the same rut but the tracks here are good enough to get me thinking of my long ignored ACID REIGN cassette.

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Wartillery – Distorted Vision

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆