UPDATED! New Stuff @ The Ricecooker Shop – April 2010

New Stuff @ The Ricecooker Shop – April 2010 Part 1
warning: this is the first list of many coming out this few weeks.


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The debut album by a new band featuring ex-DEAD KENNEDYS frontman Jello Biafra. Unlike many other recording projects before this, JB & TGSOM is a proper band and they retain some of the the spy-music-on-meth chaos of the DK’s while adding a healthy dose of Detroit style proto-punk mixed with layers of sonic guitar noise, along with drummer John Weiss’ industrial excursions into metal percussion. Features Ralph Spight (Victims Family, Freak Accident, Hellworms), Jon Weiss (Sharkbait, Horsey), Billy Gould (Faith No More), & Kimo Ball (Freak Accident, Carneyball Johnson, Mol Triffid, Griddle).



RESIST & EXIST: AD Liberty CD | RM30

13 rare & unreleased studio, demo and a bonus of 11 live tracks (remixed and remastered) by the original RESIST & EXIST line-up featuring the original sound of this influential OC peace punk band; a mix of peace punk and death rock as well as simple CONFLICT punk ragers like “Every Last Life” and “Needs”. Musically R&E is similar to FLUX OF PINK INDIANS and CRASS.



WITCH HUNT: Burning Bridges to Nowhere CD – Digipack | RM30

With their own melodic (but still raging!) brand of punk, Philadelphia’s Witch Hunt offered up their 3rd & finest full-length yet! Their political yet personal lyrics and breakneck speeds recall the hardcore of yore while their male/female vocal harmonies and chorused-out guitar-leads channel the moodiness of the classic peace-punk/post-punk sound. Fans of Husker Du, The Mob, Born Against, and Bikini Kill take note.



LIFE SCARS: Life’s Scars CD – Digipack | RM30

Raging debut album by this new Polish hardcore-punk band featuring 3-girls and a bearded one on drums; sounding like a collision between the solidly raging Aus-Rotten, the melodic La Fraction and the vocals of Shot Away-era VICE SQUAD! Most exciting new Polish band of the year!



BUZZOV-EN: Welcome to Violence CD | RM30 – (SOLD OUT)

Buzzov-en exploded onto the early 90s DIY scene in a whirlwind of sharp metallic chops over sludgy punk, heavy feedback, and truly awe-inspiring live shows that dragged the audience into the dark places of the band’s dementia. Simultaneously self-destructive and musically innovative, Buzzov-en is one of the seminal bands of the underground loud music scene of the time, alongside bands like Born Against, Rorschach, and Man Is The Bastard.

“Welcome to Violence” collects the band’s early Allied Records recordings, the “To A Frown” full-length, and the EPs “Wound” and “Unwilling to Explain.” Hatred, pain, anger, violence, addiction and depression boiled over in both the lyrics and the music, and were ignited by the band’s legendary live performances. Walking a tightrope between precision and pure mayhem, the very explosiveness that made Buzzov-en so crucial was what caused their instability.



THE PEGS / REDEMPTION: Il Sonno Della Ragione Split-CD | RM25

Two bands from the province of Grosseto, Italy. THE PEGS is an awesome unit of furious singalong street-punk attack with that ol’ Italian hardcore reckless urgency, while REDEMPTION brings back the heavy, heavy crunch of early 90s chugga-chugga New York Hardcore!

myspace.com/pegsgr (MUST CHEK THIS OUT!!)


POWERBALL: Frozen Sun CD | RM25

The first full length CD from the Jacksonville, Florida hardcore/soulcore hybrid outfit; with early DOA-style hardcore-punk attack. Includes thirteen originals and a Day-glo Abortions cover.

POWERBALL: Opposing Furies CD | RM25

“Powerball is a raging four-piece from Florida. They’re on a tear, ripping out 12 energized tracks on this release. They play a mix of melodic power pop and angst-filled, beer-fueled garage punk.” – Impact Press



V/A: Absence of Sanity Compilation 2 CD | RM25

Rat Town Records Comp 2. Hardcore/punk compilation with South Eastern US bands: 20 songs by Barbarosa, Dulac Swade, Harsh, Hawg Jaw, Icepick Revival, Leech Milk, Legbone, Load, Powerball, Reeb, Spickle, Tanked, and Weedeater.



ESA dishes epic Swedish melodic dark-crust while AITC, a band from Saltillo, Mexico play fast neo-crust in the vein of From Ashes Rise.



MENOSVALIDOS: Locura Ordinaria CD | RM25

Mid-tempo, back-to-the-basics hardcore-punk from Monterrey, Mexico.



ALONE IN THE CROWD: El Triste Muro De La Sociedad CD | RM25

12-tracker debut full-length from the North Mexican trio; dual-vocal neo-crust in the veins of From Ashes Rise.



LIFE EXTINCTION: Lo Unico Seguro En La Vida, Es La Muerte CD | RM25

“Brutal and melodic crust-core from Monterrey Mexico, in the vein of such bands as Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, and greatly influented by Ekkaia.” – interpunk



LECSA-PUNK: Legalis Pusztitas CD | RM25

Hungarian old-school; “LECSA-PUNK delivers its latest material filled with HxC Punk like European 80s punk bands, but updated with more anger and speed, heavy on the peacepunk influence. 12 political tracks from this band that has more than 10 years in the scene. Includes lyrics in English and Spanish.” – Dr. Strange



INFAME: Infame CD | RM25

“Killer dark and brutal Japanese-style punk from Spain. These guys actually bear an uncanny similarity to the almighty JUDGEMENT, which is pretty much the best thing in the world that a band can be in my book. If you like dense and heavy, Japanese/Scandinavian-style hardcore with some killer Iron Maiden leads all over top of it then you need to pick this up post-haste. ” – Sorry State



YAKUZA HORROR: …Y Vendran Mil Anos Mas CD | RM25

“The first full length LP from Zaragoza, Spain’s answer to the d-beat punk rock-n-roll call (members of DOWN TO AGONY, KARNVAPEN ATTACK, TOTALICKERS, etc). A total of nine tracks that mix a little bit of STATE OF FEAR, ANTI-CIMEX and MOTORHEAD, with songs written in Spanish and English. The recording is just the perfect balance between aggressively raw ominously powerful. If bands like SKITKIDS, AUKTION, and BLACK PANDA float your boat then you will like this one to. Trust me!” – PE



HELLSHOCK: Ghosts of the Past CDEP – Japanese Release | RM30

A small collection highlighting the Portland band’s dark, metallic crust sound in its early stages. “If you’ve heard their other stuff you know what you’re getting yourself into here… heavy, metallic crust in the tradition of bands like Sacrilege, Axegrinder, Amebix, et al. It’s like playing Metallica and Discharge on the same stereo at the same time. Killer shit, and I think the rawer recording style on this demo serves the band well.” – sorry state




“All One Struggle is a powerful follow-up to Resistant Culture’s debut release Welcome to Reality. The evolution of tribal grindcrust continues with this sonic landscape. The urgent lyrics, anthemic rebellious punk spirit, dark menacing grind, and metal brutality will empower your struggle to survive!!!”



HELLBASTARD: Discography 1986-1987-1988 CD | RM30

“Includes: “Heading For Internal Darkness” LP (1986), “They Brought Death” EP (1988).
Hellbastard was born from the circumstance of poverty and anger. Less than a decade before, punk rock had just battered the world and made people sit up and take notice, it was Hellbastard’s aim to create something that equalled that passion, anger and ferocity – yet with a wish to triple the productive aural assault. Hellbastard formed in 1984/5 and succeeded in bringing socialy aware lyrics and a crossover form of punk/metal music (which the band called “CRUST”) to the international underground, and now to help your memory- flash the beginning! For fans of ANTISECT, AMEBIX, BOLT THROWER, HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, AXEGRINDER and DEVIATED INSTINCT.” – agipunx



TERVEET KÄ€DET: Ihmisen Poika, Pedon Poika CD – RM30

Legendary Finnish hardcore-punk originators who started back in 1980 and influenced the whole wide world with their take on the Discharge wall of noise. The band have been an on and off affair with a few new recordings every few years but the last time they put out a new recording was The Ultimate Pain LP in 1999, so that marks Ihmisen Poika, Pedon Poika as the band’s latest new recordings after 10 long years. And it is a return to form. “it’s dark and evil hardcore punk in the true Finnish style played by some of the originators of the style,” said Mr. Havoc

“This is another trip into complete awesomeness territory. 30 years after their inception, TK deliver one of their very best recordings ever. The metal & more groovy rock sound of their 2000 decade albums is gone, this is a pure blast of classic Finnish thrashcore like the ‘bizarre domination’, ‘halloween’ and ‘black god’ records. It’s even faster and meaner than the 1985 mega classic ‘the horse’. This CD is unbelievably good!!! It teaches a lesson in thrash to all of us wannabees in 10 songs, 11 minutes” – Mr. Zer



FROM THE ASHES: Heading for Dystopia 3″ MCD – RM15

Swedish grind-crust in a cute and cuddly 3″ CD format!

“Sweden’s From The Ashes once again do their country proud and uphold the tradition of rabid crusty grind like a mix of Nasum, Skitsystem, Splitter, Afgrund and Gadget! A Den Of Robbers from Belgium feature ex-Leng Tch’e personnel and lay down 8 tracks of savage powerviolence/grind like Sylvester Staline, Magrudergrind, Blockheads, Hellnation and Enemy Soil!” – endoftheory



RIISTETYT: Kuolonhymnejä CD – Digipack | RM35

Another legendary Finnish hardcore band who broke-up in 1985, reformed in 1999 and never looked back ever since. Kuolonhymnejä, their fourth full-length proper was originally released last year on vinyl, no words about the CD version until we got this in our hands!

Raging trad Finnish sound coupled with metallic crust; with marked return to old ferocity and power sometimes lost in recent releases. It’s RIISTETYT regenerated!

riistetyt.com | myspace.com/riistetyt


V/A: Propaganda is Hippies Compilation CD – Digipak | RM35

Features Finland’s current crop of ferocious kids; Kieltolaki, Viemann Kolonna, Vaarinkasitys, Totuus, Sotatila, Omaisuusvahinko and Yhteiskunaan Ystavat. Originally released in 2007 on vinyl, this is quite a long-awaited CD release to those who missed out the first time (there were only 1000 of the LPs pressed in the first place!).

“It doesn’t get better than this, folks – well, not this month. Finland is very finely represented here. This compilation LP highlights some great bands of recent years – the amazing KIELTOLAKI, VIIMEINEN KOLONNA, VAARINKASITYS, TOTUUS, SOTATILA, OMAISUUSVAHINKO and YHTEISKUNNAN YSTAVAT. There is not a bad song on this record. The art, layout and music will immediately remind some folks of the old propaganda compilations from the ’80s. Finland has a history of producing some insane harsh sounds, and the Finns have always ingested punk rock and puked it back out at us ten times crazier than we could never imagine. Search this out. Now!!!” – MRR


V/A: European Fastness Compilation CD | RM30

Features latest grindcore crazies – A Den Of Robbers (Belgium), Xaros (France), Ablach (UK), Ocksen (UK) & The Afternoon Gentlemen (UK); presenting a mix of different grind styles right from the classic basics (The Afternoon Gentlemen) to the dark-chaos-core nastiness (A Den of Robbers) to the thrashing, blasting power-violence-infected (Ocksen) to the complete annihilation that is ABLACH.

An excellent DIY grind sampler for those looking for the latest hints of greatness in the continent.


THURNEMAN: Luggsliten Levnad 7″ EP – Blue Vinyl | RM25

“Killer, rough, yet melodic hardcore from Sweden. These guys remind me a lot of early Husker Du or maybe even Polish stuff like Post Regiment. Ripping fast, but getting their power more from a kind of earnest passion than anger.” – sorry sate



THE DRUNKS: Speed Metal Blues 7″ EP | RM20

Speedfreaking Texans with early PISSDRUNKS/REO SPEEDEALER-style hi-octane, hi-kicking Southern rock’n’roll punk rock; complete with slide-guitar intros and shit. If you can hook up your turntable in your car, have this blasting while being hi-speed-chased by murderous cops!



WEEKEND WARRIOR: Se Repite” 7″ EP – Blue Vinyl | RM25

“Long Beach, CA’s Weekend Warrior return to the fight with a new bass player (Cait from Resist And Exist) and 4 new songs of mean spirited noisy hardcore punk. Feedback laden and with pissed off dual vocalists in both Spanish and English. Recorded on an 8-track and sleeve screenprinted by the band themselves” – Mass Media




Californian intense hardcore punk (WW) meets their faster and more furious cousins HELL HIDIOT from Firenze, Italy. The ferocity displayed by HH really reminds us of early RAW POWER!

“This is a total hardcore punk rager featuring Los Angeles’ WEEKEND WARRIOR and Italy’s HEIL HIDIOT. WW bring the frustrations of the wage slave screaming his head off to the tune of mega distorted hardcore punk rock. Fans of GUYANA PUNCH LINE, 9 SHOCKS TERROR, and CHARLES BRONSON should enjoy their side. HH are a sarcastic group of sarcastic hardcore punks both informed by classic Italian hardcore like RAW POWER and US powerhouses like SS DECONTROL and FUs. Great female vocals critique the scene, creepy dudes, and the shittiness of life itself.” – MRR




Classic “never-released” 1982 recordings of Texas early American punk and power-pop trailblazers. Those who love X & THE AVENGERS should check this out! Catchy stuff when “new wave” was still punk rock!

Video Clip


GERM ATTAK: Death To Cops 7″ EP | RM25

Recently in town Canadian UK-82 punk revivalists with their latest EP, this time a lot more streamlined in delivery; more melodies, more chords, more 4-Skins and The Partisans rather than Disorder!


12″s VINYL

WE ARE IDOLS: We Are Idols LP – + Free Poster | RM45

Superb ass-kicking heavy rock meets hardcore punk monster from Poland. Aggressive, driving fast & catchy tunes mixing MOTORHEAD & ENTOMBED with meltdown stoner breaks!



CIRCLE ONE: Patterns of Force LP – + Free Patch | RM45

“Classic LP by this influential LA hardcore band. Remastered from the original 1/4″ tapes and includes the ORIGINAL mix not found on CD reissues. First time on vinyl since UPSTART put it out in 81… PATTERNS OF FORCE is true lost gem in my opinion. CIRCLE ONE had an intensity that not many bands could match and the original mixes of PATTERNS OF FORCE have a very unique sound that has really grown on us. Believe it or not, CIRCLE ONE still records and plays shows to this day.” – mass media

Crazy cholo-punk band with a gang of its own, just like the Suicidals. Rumour has it the singer was shot & killed by the police somewhen in the early 90s.



DEATH BEFORE WORK (DBW): Messageboard Punx On A Rope There LP – Picture Disc | RM45

“Death Before Work bring us killer play-fast-bandana-core straight from Milan, Italy… definitely one of the best bands rockin the old continent nowdays. The influences go clearly from good ol’ crossover acts as Cryptic Slaughter to more recent thrashcore stuff like What Happens Next?, Crucial Unit and Common Enemy with a big touch of grining blast beats a la Terrorizer.” – eatingchildren



ANATOMI-71: PÃ¥ Giftets Vingar 12″ MLP – | RM45

Excellent Swedish D-Beat/Raw-Punk quartet who managed to avoid the usual pitfalls of the sub-genre’s inherent uniformity by pushing at the boundaries. Besides keeping it interesting with a lot stylistic variations, the production helped it moves beyond the usual by being brash but huge, almost modern and slick yet leaves the raw bruising intact. If you’ve grown tired of D-Beat’s narrow confines and hanker for something similar but different, ANATOMI-71 is your gawd-sent answer.



LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY: Human Atrocity LP – with A1 poster | RM40

The LP version of the legendary 1992 & 1993 demos by now long-gone Dutch noise/gore-grind masters. Back in 1998, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY”s debut album putridly titled “The Sound Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin” became the defining album to what is now known as “gore-grind”, before that they sounded like fellow Dutch grinder REGURGITATE, a band influenced by the sounds of the day from FEAR OF GOD to AGATHOCLES; this is a document of the early stage in their career.

“The recording consists of 71 songs plus an intro, some of them (Church Of Lies, Sparkle Of Hope and Last Days Of Humanity) were re-recorded on the Human Atrocity demo. The style of these songs is a quite stripped down proto-gore noise, in the vein of Gore Beyond Necropsy and shows the noise-germ that will explode years later in the last releases of the band.” – sorenauseaheadache



AGATHOCLES: Obey Their Rules LP – Hand Numbered of 100 copies | RM45

“Yet another new studio release by Agathocles which contains 11 trax! Agathocles play fucking grindcore! The thick, fuzz-edged scabrous guitar, unearthly rumbling bass, skull-splintering blasts from an explosive-charged kit, ferocious dual-vocal attack, pissed off sarcasm-tinged lyrics, are all very reassuring. To give a rough idea as to what the music on “ObeyTheir Rules” sounds like though, think of a crude, uneven mix of Napalm Death, Disgust, Repulsion, Blood, old Malignant Tumour and Unholy Grave.” – punkdistro



VITAMIN X: Full Scale Assault LP – free poster | RM60

Latest album by the Dutch straight-edge fastcore band who visited this region in 2005. 20 songs with humongous production!

“After touring throughout the world, Dutch hardcore punk giants Vitamin X return with their first recorded output in 3 years. Finally capturing the manic aggression of their notorious live shows while truely showcasing their songwriting skills and
musicianship. VX take their furious hardcore sound even further into the realms of 70s rock riffage and wild guitar solos, never letting up on the high energy thrash punk. Recorded and Engineered at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Neurosis) it has an enormous sound. The album features lead vocals by Negative Approachs John Brannon on 2 songs and amazing artwork by John Baizley (Baroness, Pig Destroyer). This is a serious hardcore masterpiece.” – release notes



PIG DESTROYER: Phantom Limb LP – limited edition coloured vinyl | RM80

“Almost three years in the making, Pig Destroyer’s new album Phantom Limb furthers the enigmatic band’s nihilistic, shock and awe attack. PD boil metal down to its muscle, sinew, and bone – razor-sharp guitar, percussive pummeling, and a lone, stark howl – and use them to commit a vicious assault. The lyrics paint loathsome, frightening images of pitch-black self-hatred and the frailty of the human experience. With Phantom Limb, Pig Destroyer provide a musical manifestation of the violent experience of the human animal, and cement their already legendary status.” – relapse



MUNICIPAL WASTE: Massive Aggressive – limited picture disc | RM130

The fourth LP: “Municipal Waste are back with another blazing fast offering of crossover thrash. Massive Aggressive lives up to its namesake. The band rips through 13 songs in a scant 28 minutes and change… it’s an audio hurricane that showcases what we’ve come to know, love, and expect from the Waste.” – bittercold



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