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New STuff at the shop


New stuff & Restocks at the shop.
Available at the shop & by Mail-Order, details below.


Warvictims- Lognen Om Fredsavtalet Tape (RM6)
Wasted Time- Four Years of Futility Tape (RM8)
Proletar- Physical and Mental Torture Tape (RM7)
Slang- The Immortal Sin Tape (RM6)
Keitzer-Discography Tape (RM12))
Gasoline Grenade/The Mindless Show split Tape (RM6)
See You In Hell-Utok! Tape (RM6)
Pazahora- Burn The Gavels 2009 (RM6)
Ghostlimb-Alea Iacha Est Tape (RM7)
Hirax-The New Age Of Terror Tape (RM7)
Debacle (features James Pisschrist)-S/T Tape (RM7)
Dishammer- Collection 2008-2010 Tape (RM7)
Mellakka- R.I.P Tape (RM6)
La Quiete- Lafine Non E La Fine Tape (RM6)
Peace, love and Total Fucking Destruction Tape (RM8)
The Gentle Art of Chokin’- First Four Years of Chokin’ Tape (RM10)
Nihil Baxter- Demotape Tape (RM10)
Jaques She Rock- S/T Tape (RM10)
Irritones- We Are Negative Dot Tape (RM10)
Bean Navire- S/T Tape (RM10)


Napoleon Dynamite- Crashtest Dummys EP 7’’ (RM25) Color Vinyl
Do Not Resuscitate s/t 7’’ (RM25)
Snob Value 7’’ (RM20)
Nihil Baxter/Alarmstuff Gerd split 7’’ (RM25)
Schifost/Slackjaw split 7’’ (RM25)
No Action- Mixed Messages EP 7’’ (RM25)
The Craw/Death Grenade split 7’’ (RM25)
Eye Gouge! S/T 7’’ (RM25)
Hee Haw- Quiet 7’’ (RM25)
Wild Dogs- S/T 7’’ (RM25)
Snake Run 7’’ (RM25)
Never Built Ruins- …Built to love 10’’ (RM30)
Squash Bowels- Grindvirus LP (RM55)
The Omnipresent Disease- Dressed Like You 10” (RM55)


When Chimps Attack S/T CD (RM15)
Demerit- Bastards of the Nation CD (RM25)
To The North- Lustre CD (RM25)
Hira Hira/Little A split CD (RM25)
Hira-Hira S/T CD (RM15)
Micheal Crafter- D.Y OR D.I.E MCD CD (RM20)
Baryshnikov S/T CDR (RM10)
No Such Luck- Less Fashion, More Thrashin’ CD (RM15)
FH- Winter Demo 2010 CDR (RM10)
Pairs- S/T CDR (RM12)
Resistant Culture- Welcome to Reality CD (RM30)
Underground Asia Compilation CD (RM15)
Carbon 4 Teen/TIM CD (RM10)
Born liars- Exit Smiling CD (RM25)
Oi Polloi- Total Resistance to Fucking System CD (RM30)
Young And Dangerous-Dangerous Youth And The Life Saving Thrash Punk Tunes CD (RM15)
Burnt Cross/A.U.K split CD (RM30)
Varukers- Murder CD (RM25)
Hellshock- Ghosts of the Past Demo CD (RM30 – Japanese Pressing)
Riistetyt- Kuolonhyneja CD (RM30)
Terveet Kadet-Ihmisen Poika, Pedom Poiko CD (RM25)
Propaganda Is Hippies: Kieltolaki, Abortti, Vaarinkasitys, Totuss, Sotatila, Amaishuusvahinko Compilation CD (RM25)
End The All- Same Shit but Different CD (RM30)
Deny False Authority- S/T CD (RM30)
Imperial Leather- Do You Know Where Your Children Are? CD (RM35 – Japanese Pressing)
Panacea- Humanity is Heading for Nowhere CD (RM25)
European Fastness- 5 ways split: Ocksen, Xaros, A Den of Robbers, The Afternoon gentlemen, Ablach CD (RM30)
Imperial Leather/Clashdogs- Crash Your Border CD (RM35 – Japanese Pressing)
Resistant Culture- All One Struggle CD (RM30)
Hellbastard- Discography 1986-1987-1988 CD (RM30)
Skitkids- Besoket Vid krubban CD (RM30)
Knife in the Leg- The First Two Stabs CD (RM30)

T-SHIRTS: (note, sizes with chest diameter)

Mass Separation – Motorhead Logo+Wardog – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Neil Young – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Cathedral – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Miles Davis –(S-36), (M-38), (L-40) ,(XL-42) – RM25
Nina Simon – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Electric Wizard – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
The Ricecooker Shop- Where Everyone Is His Or Her Own Boss, Boss! –(S-36),(M-38),(L-40),(XL-42) RM25
The Ricecooker Shop – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42)
The Cramps -Bad Music for Bad People – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Massappeal- Nobody Likes A Thinker – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Pembodohan Minda Susah Tamat – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
The Harder They Come (the Jimmy Cliff movie) – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Cat Stevens – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Neurosis- Times Of Grave – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Jack Nicholson – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – ( S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Onslaught – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Masskontroll – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Crudos – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Charles Bronson – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Hellshock – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Riistetyt – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Brother Inferior – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Bolt Thrower – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40), (XL-42) – RM25
Dark Throne – (S-36), (M-38), (L-40),( XL-42) – RM25

All prices listed here DO NOT include the cost of shipping/postage.

Minimum order: RM40.

All prices are in Malaysia Ringgit and we accept money orders and well-concealed cash; please, no checks!

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