Steve Ignorant's Last Supper - The Interview

Steve Ignorant’s Last Supper – The Interview

CRASS’ vocalist and working class hero Steve Ignorant is re-living the old days with a global tour; without CRASS but featuring Gizz Butt (guitar – Destructors, English Dogs, Janus Stark, The Prodigy, The More I See), Bob Butler (bass – The Tone, Schwartzneggar), Spike T Smith (drums – The Damned, Conflict, Killing Joke, Morrissey) and Carol Hodge (vocals – Bad Taste Barbies, Synco, Electraglide)

Steve talks more about why he is doing The Last Supper tour, the visuals the band are using at the gigs which incorporate photos that Crass fans have sent in, who is in the band etc. Filmed in February 2011 during rehearsals for the North American leg of The Last Supper tour, when he is playing Crass songs for what he has sworn will be the last time ever. | Video by Damon Allen Davison

He’s playing Perth next week (the flyer HERE)

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